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Software Development Life Cycles

Introduction In this blog, we are going to cover the top 5 security risks associated with the web application according to the OWASP(Open Web Application Security Project). We will take a sneak look into these risks and will learn about OWASP also. What

To create high-quality software, we must be able to trace any changes and, if necessary, roll them back. Version control systems serve this purpose by recording project history and assisting in the merging of changes made by many individuals. They

Introduction In our previous blogs, we have covered the basics of SQL(Structured Query language), DDL (Data Definition Language), and DML(Data Manipulation Language). And also discuss how to implement restrictions and modifications to the table structure. Link to part 1 of this series- https://statusneo.com/sql/ Link to

Introduction In this blog, we will talk about agile methodology, and how it has revolutionized the software development life-cycle. We will discuss its merits over the other software development models and briefly discuss how to use it. What is Agile? Agile is the process of iterative and continuous software development and project management,

Introduction SSH stands for Secure Shell is a cryptographic network protocol for exchanging data over an unsecured network.SSH provides a secure channel over the unsecured network by using a client-server architecture.SSH connection for connecting remote machine looks like ssh {user}@{host}.After this,