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What we do


Neo Full Stack Development

Software Development Is Ground Zero

Technology is not just your back-end support, it is your pivotal accelerator as well. We architect, develop, deploy & scale leading technologies that drive your future.
We don't qualify our cloud consultants unless they are hands-on agile developers.

Full Stack Web (SAAS) 0

API's & Serverless 0

Enterprise Plugins 0

Full Stack +TDD

Digital XP

Cloud Data Engineering 0

DevOps & AIOps 0

Cloud Native Test Automation 0

Cloud Native Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 0

Extreme Programming (XP)

We are experts in agile software development methodologies and follow XP practices such as test driven development (TDD) and pair programming with passion & rigor. We endeavor software craftsmanship

Omni Channel Solutions

We build cross-platform solutions using enterprise and open source libraries and frameworks. Java, JavaScript, Scala, Golang, Python & Ruby are languages we use the most


We practice continuous delivery (CD) and integration (CI). From deployment automation to source code management - we follow shift left practices of putting security at each stage and scale of DevOps

Digital Assurance

For everything else we do in code & manually, we test each and every touch-point of it writing code or sometimes manually. Each line of code we write to test, we automate it as part of DevOps. This ensures that whatever new we code and build, is not legacy already!

All Things Data (DataOps)

We are skilled in managing your data. Excellence in writing in-memory computes, pyspark jobs to building data visualisation API's - we use leading cloud native and hybrid data technologies and warehouse to delivery value of on-premise at near cost of cloud

Serverless Computing

AWS Lambdas vs Azure Functions? Cloud native embodies servlerless and FAAS as integral to the application layer and thus our consultants possess necessary knowledge that is a pre-requisite to succeed with AWS Lambdas & Azure Functions