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Neo Fine Tuning

Cloud and Business Optimization

There is an ever increasing need to strike balance between cloud expenditure and application performance. Given the ease of scaling both vertically & horizontally within cloud infrastructure, the cloud value-for spend has a tradeoff with business KPI's. Data scientists today are putting such algorithms to production that drive business transformation. They use high compute configurations that deliver results but can be optimised to save on cost of memory and computation. We work with you to minimise these leakages and save resources wherever possible.

Domain Specific Optimizations Using Data Science 0

Cloud Services & Tools Rationalization 0

Efficient Cloud Migration Modelling 0

Resource Utilization and Server Refresh Analysis 0

Statistical Methods

Shift Left for CyberSecurity

Security is not an end state but a practice to be embedded in each stage to go live. We optimize and refactor code to patterns to reduce vulnerability and code smells. The cost of finding a vulnerability early on is far lessor than later in the cycle to production. Our security consultants conduct maturity scans to analyse current state and point of start

Domain Specific Optimizations

Our data scientists apply statistical methods and machine learning techniques to solve problems of optimization across multiple domains. We optimize for inventory, demand, supply, transport to category spend across retail, travel & aviation. Ask us to solve anything but NP-Hard

Cloud Workload & Cost Optimization

We analyze workload patterns including usage history and operational costs and use our knowledge of cloud services and configurations to deliver recommendations that improve business-functional performance. Our insights help the CIO organisation take better and informed decisions