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Deliver an outstanding and consistent customer experience by integrating analytics and intelligence across the customer life cycle. We aim to improve the efficiency of banks and make every customer engagement unique.

Typically financial institutions spend 15-20% of their budget on operations. With the team at StatusNeo experienced in Robotic Process Automation and building data pipelines , you can expect us to use our tried and tested strategies to streamline your operations.

Retail Banking Experts


An insight-based, results driven customer acquisition solution to power your business. Our experienced technology-focused team helps you identify, acquire, and engage users across digital channels.

Crafted Fintech Solutions


Together with experienced experts in fintech software solutions, we develop bespoke financial solutions for your company and integrate them seamlessly into your existing business processes.

Continuing To Innovate


Improve customer experience with faster time-to market, innovative strategies across digital channels.

What We Do

Customer 360

360-degree perspective of a customer requires gaining deeper insights into customers' preferences and intent in order to affect them to achieve desired results. With the help of various cross-sell and upsell banking solutions, banks may combine consumer information from numerous channels, such as CRM, mobile platforms, online platforms, and IoT.

Cloud Banking

This encourages a quicker and more effective response to banking customers' requirements. Since the cloud may be accessed whenever needed, less infrastructure investment is needed, which reduces the time needed for initial setup. The creation of new products can also proceed without requiring a capital outlay thanks to cloud computing.

Core Banking

Core banking includes fundamental money lending and depositing. Transaction accounts, loans, mortgages, and payments are considered core banking services. Banks offer these services through a variety of platforms, including branches, Internet banking, mobile banking, and automated teller machines.

Advanced Analytics

Analytics gives banks greater marketing power. To maintain optimal performance and to make timely choices, functional areas like Risk, Compliance, Fraud, NPA monitoring, and Calculating Value at Risk can tremendously benefit from Analytics.

Digital twins

Rules-based engines are based solely on domain expertise acquired by analyzing behavioral patterns using historical data. In the ever-evolving landscape of banking, you need to reliably determine customer behavior which isn’t possible by using traditional rule engines.

Digital Engagement

Banks may use digital banking interaction platforms to provide clients with a safer and better online experience. They may improve their customer relationships as a result, which would be beneficial to the bank.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) assists banks and other financial organisations in increasing efficiency by involving customers in real-time interactions and leveraging the many benefits of robots.

Make online transactions as swift as possible with our data-enhanced finance solutions. Create cutting-edge solutions that your clients can believe in and rely on our change specialists to grow your company by industry trends.

Who We Empower

Investment Banks

Payment Providers

Market Data Providers

Insurance Providers

Retail & Commercial Banks

Wealth Management Institutions

Technology Providers

Exchanges & Brokerages


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