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Our data-driven tools and platforms optimize processes, automate billing, and ensure clean data. In a constantly evolving industry, our solutions meet the challenges of database management. We prioritize affordability and effectiveness, empowering global organizations to boost efficiency and profitability.

Automobile Industry
Center Of Excellence | Icon

Center Of Excellence

Our centers of Excellence has experts in design, tech and product to help customers design ground breaking technology solutions

Global Presence & Futuristic Vision | Icon

Global Presence & Futuristic Vision

Our global presence facilitates the easy adaptability of ever-evolving technology and data-driven optimization

Tailor-Made Technology Solutions | Icon

Tailor-Made Technology Solutions

Our 360 degree view of data helps us design integrated solutions removing the traditional system silos

What We Do

Battery Management Systems

Our cutting-edge battery management systems (BMS) optimize battery performance, ensuring enhanced reliability, security, and longevity for electric vehicles.

Automobile Charging Solutions

Tailored to diverse needs, our comprehensive range of charging solutions caters to organizations, governments, and individuals. From accessible charging facilities to private charging stations, we provide seamless charging experiences.

Electric Powertrain Solutions

We empower OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers with innovative electric powertrain solutions. Our high-performance motors, inverters, and communication devices accelerate EV development and production.

Fleet Management for Electric Vehicles

Our advanced fleet management methodologies streamline operations for businesses with electric vehicle fleets. Real-time monitoring, remote diagnostics, and scheduled maintenance ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Smart Mobility Integration

We offer smart mobility solutions that seamlessly integrate electric vehicles into the evolving travel ecosystem. Our expertise in vehicle-to-grid (V2G) techniques, smart charging infrastructure, and fleet management software drives sustainable mobility.

Design & Development Services

From concept to production, our design and development services cater to the unique needs of clients in the automobile industry. We provide CAD design, prototyping, testing, and validation services for superior vehicle development.

Drive your organization towards our EV solutions, which include insights on data-driven, seamless infrastructure for charging, and sustainable modes of travel.

Who We Empower

Car / EV Manufacturers | Icon

Car/EV manufacturers


Improve manufacturing processes with data-driven insights to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Auto Parts Suppliers | Icon

Auto Parts Suppliers


Use predictive maintenance and inventory management to optimize supply chains and minimize downtime.

Car Dealerships and Retailers | Icon

Car Dealerships and Retailers


Enhance the customer experience with personalized offers and targeted marketing.

Energy Storage Companies | Icon

Energy Storage Companies


Optimize energy storage solutions with real-time data analysis to improve performance and reduce costs.

Automotive Insurance | Icon

Automotive Insurance


Use telematics data to personalize insurance offerings and reduce risk.

Warehouse Sorting | Icon

Warehouse Sorting


Streamline warehouse operations with automated sorting and inventory management systems.

Sharing our expertise

Industry Insights

Check out the thoughts of our experts on the factors influencing change in the EV sector.


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