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Experts In AI & DataOps, We Build & Manage Your Data Pipelines

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AI/ML & Deep Learning


With our Data Science consultants who work with business to incubate & implement solutions that leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) & Deep Learning algorithms - we help you re-invent your business offerings & workflows

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Analytics & Business Intelligence(BI)


Our Business Intelligence(BI), Analytics & Visualisation experts use set of processes & technologies that transform raw data into meaningful information that can be used to enable furthermore effective strategic & operational insights & decision making

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MDM & Data Warehousing


A Data Warehouse is not a product but an environment. It is an architectural construct of an information system. We build and maintain solutions that provide current and historical decision support information which is difficult to access in the traditional operational data store

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Enterprise Cloud Software Development & Data DevOps


Custom solution development using software development languages such as Java, Scala, Python, Go, Erlang that best support big data search, storage, compute libraries & frameworks. DevOps support for your data pipelines

AI, ML & Deep Learning

Re-Invent Your Business With AI & Learning

Your business needs Artificial Intelligence(AI) now more than ever before. AI is scaled across industries at an enterprise level. From banks to telecom, healthcare & fitness to travel, industries are collecting & learning from data, building cognitive solutions that spot trends and provide insights to improve business workflows & experiences. From smart Chat Bots that are transforming customer services to mobile applications that make lifestyle recommendations, AI is empowering your business to match 21st century consumer expectations. Our data consultants are statisticians and wranglers who use various leading tools, algorithms & technologies to build and model business outcomes

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Statistics & Machine Learning 0

Smart Apps
Smart Apps

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Learning From Data
Learning From Data

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Analytics & Business Intelligence(BI)

Stop Judging BI Platforms On Their Data Visualisation Capabilities

Business Intelligence platforms like Tableau and Qlik are no longer judged based on their data visualisation capabilities. That is mainstream now and we can see that across almost all platforms. Instead, the two most important features to consider are :
-- Integrated support for enterprise reporting capabilities
-- Preset analytics
We help our clients transform data into actionable insights. We build dashboards & perform ad-hoc analysis that can be stored as templates, or, can be exposed as API's.
We analyse the following while recommending and implementing a BI solution :
-- Self Service BI, Data Visualisation, Analytics, Ability to connect to multiple Data Sources, Data Blending, Rich Dashboards, Highly Secure, Cloud Vs On-Premise

Microsoft (Power BI) 0

Tableau 0

Qlik 0

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BI & Commerce | Icon

BI & Commerce

Suppliers, Customers, Employees, Inventory, Marketing analytics, Pricing optimisation & Demand forecasting

BI & Travel, Transportation | Icon

BI & Travel, Transportation

Supply chain information, Inventory, Product and service performance, Competitor pricing and positioning, Package tracking, Flight and travel activities, Schedules, Billing and passenger detail

BI & Finance | Icon

BI & Finance

Portfolio performance analysis, Fraud models, Ratio analysis, Risk models, Collection models

BI & Healthcare | Icon

BI & Healthcare

Hospital data management, Medical practices workflows, Patient relationship management, Clinical/financial analysis of data, Research data management, Monitor health and safety regulations

MDM & Data Warehousing

We Manage & Migrate Traditional Warehouse To Hybrid/Cloud Native

History reveals that modern data warehouse must leverage the architecture and affordability of the cloud, the flexibility of NoSQL technology and the power of traditional warehouse


Traditional Data Warehouse

Dimension, Conceptual model, Logical model, Physical model, Inmon approach, Kimball approach, OLTP, OLAP, Star and Snowflake schema, ETL & ELT, Data Mart, Enterprise data warehouse


Data Lake

Cluster, Node, Columnar storage, Compression, Data loading


Cloud Data Warehouse

Serverless service, Colossus file system, Dremel execution engine, Data sharing, Streaming data. #Snowflake, #AWS Redshift, #Google BigQuery


MDM & Customer 360

Master Data Management(MDM) solutions built on top of cloud data warehouse that consume near-real time data from multiple sources including IoT. Data de-duplication, Single Customer View and Data As A Service (DaaS) exposed over API's

Enterprise Software Development & DevOps

Cloud Data Engineer & DevOps Profiling

Our Big Data Engineers build real-time event driven architectures, setup-up and run big data clusters, implement data ingestion, present and generate data catalogues from the metadata repository. They could be responsible for your ingestion through to supporting a self service consumption of data within a Spark/HDFS Data Lake that could be hosted on a AWS/Azure/GCP using Cloudera/Hortonworks distribution.
Our DevOps Engineers help manage and scale the data architecture built by developers. They have experience working with high-scale, low-latency NoSQL technology in agile environments. They love learning new technologies and statistical models and figure out the most efficient ways to manage multiple database clusters, hundreds of hosts, and millions of operations per second (in aggregate). They maintain models and improve software to enable scale.

Cloud Data Engineer
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    • AI & Data Driven Organisation
    • Cloud Native Data Warehousing
    • Data Security
    • BI Tools Selection
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    • DataOps Powered Customer Data Hub
    • Data Architecture & Software Development
    • Data DevOps
    • Data Wrangling
    • AI & Machine Learning
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  • Managed Services
    • Cloud Native AI & Data Science Lab
    • 24*7 Data Platform Management
    • BI Reporting & Dash-boarding
    • Test Data Management