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What is RearPortal?

Introducing RearPortal, your enterprise-grade backstage solution! Powered by a centralized software catalogue, RearPortal restores order to your infrastructure and enables your product teams to ship high-quality code quickly — without compromising autonomy.

It comes pre-loaded with the best community plugins and ensures a version and configuration available for your groups irrespective of their tools, languages, libraries, and frameworks.

RearPortal accelerates decision-making for the enterprise CXO and boosts developer productivity alike!

Why RearPortal?

The problems it solves!

Stay Up To Date With Upstream Backstage

RearPortal ensures automatic updates for your Backstage instance

According to Gartner’s report on Developer Portals, setting up and managing Backstage requires considerable effort. RearPortal addresses these challenges by providing a production-grade Backstage instance that is continuously upgraded, secured with SSO (Single Sign-On), and hosted on dedicated infrastructure. To mitigate potential risks associated with Scaffolder actions, RearPortal employs ephemeral environments, addressing a common concern for Open Source adopters.

Get Open-Source Plugins Out-of-the-Box

RearPortal empowers Backstage with no-code management capabilities

Benefit from the constant stream of new Backstage plugins and features, thanks to an active community of contributors. RearPortal seamlessly integrates these updates while addressing challenges like Git rate limits.

With RearPortal, you can effortlessly manage plugins and integrations through a user-friendly interface, allowing you to control access and permissions. Additionally, RearPortal offers advanced debugging capabilities, simplifying the process of navigating any unexpected issues that may arise.

Customize your Developer Portal to reflect your unique identity.

With RearPortal, you can effortlessly install private plugins and renderers

To ensure the success of your Backstage Developer Platform, it’s crucial to customize it according to your developers’ workflow. RearPortal allows you to incorporate your own Backstage plugins, enabling seamless integration of internal systems into your Developer Portal.

Additionally, RearPortal provides the flexibility to utilize your preferred API documentation renderer, ensuring that your documentation is presented precisely as you desire within Backstage.

Seamlessly connect with your Kubernetes cluster

RearPortal establishes a connection to a multi-cloud Kubernetes (K8s) cluster using a broker

RearPortal leverages a Broker to seamlessly connect with your internal APIs, such as Kubernetes clusters and on-premises services. This integration ensures secure access to your endpoints while safeguarding them from exposure to the public internet.

The broker, built on open-source code, comes equipped with an audit log and outbound egress capabilities. This provides you with the assurance that access is restricted according to your specific requirements, instilling confidence in the security of your system.

How Does RearPortal Help?

RearPortal provides a Single Pane of Glass - A centralised portal software catalogues onboarded for the entire organisation.


Increase In Developer Productivity

The developers can easily navigate between the catalogues of different tools with no context switches, saving them precious time to work on productive stuff.


Reduction In Onboarding Time

The onboarded engineer can find the entire software catalogue and its dependency at a single entry point. With access to the Portal, the engineer has immediate access to all source code, documentation, and third-party tools.


Reduction In Infrastructure Provisioning Time

The time taken for setting up boilerplate code is reduced effectively with template repositories. RearPortal offers templates in various programming languages and frameworks with instilled best practices.


Reduction In Repository Creation Time

Single Push-Button Deployments are possible with Scaffolder. RearPortal offers Production Grade GitOps templates. Infrastructure Provision is made fast and easy - with no bottlenecks on Cloud Engineers.

Features of RearPortal

Common Toolset


Different teams use different tools for the same purpose, making it difficult to have a standardised platform visible to everyone.

Standardisation Icon RearPortal



Build your software templates, using which engineers can spin off new project development with built-in best practices.



It is cumbersome to track the performance of working software unless otherwise managed via NOC and SRE specs.



Each team can view all the services and other software components (Libraries, ML Models, etc.) and their resources, including deployments, pipelines, pull requests, etc.

Tech Documentation Icon RearPortal



RearPortal provides visibility into all the services built or managed by a team and, by extension, the entire organisation all in one place.

Service Discoverability


It is challenging to analyse the software components sitting in the dark corners of an organisation that needs to be deprecated.

Single Pane of Glass


The modern technology landscape with various tools, environments, and multiple self-organising teams makes it difficult to keep track of the artefacts' quality, process, and functional viability.

Maintainable Technical Documentation


With an inbuilt documentation portal, a team can document their service in markdown and periodically store it next to the code synchronised with a pull-based mechanism.

Our Unique Offering

RearPortal builds on top of an open-source platform, and the offering includes Production-Grade Infrastructure as Code.

RearPortal enables rapidly setting up the Managed Portal for your organisation in the cloud provider of your choice.


As part of the incubation process, we conduct a two-week workshop for the organisation. The interactive sessions smoothen the journey of adoption.


RearPortal is highly customisable. As a part of the incubation process, our team brainstorms with your stakeholders to understand the organisation's needs.

Software Templates

RearPortal offerings include software templates to save engineers' time by scaffolding GitOps repositories.

Environment Strategy

RearPortal has in-built support for the management of software catalogues from different environments.


RearPortal comes with comprehensive user documentation that allows the adopters to get onboarded quickly.


RearPortal offerings come bundled with dedicated engineering support.

Easy Plugins To Scale

Plugin Marketplace

Rearportal and the open-source community can contribute to and consume these plugins.

Moreover, RearPortal is highly customisable. Our Engineers are skilled in building custom plugins to cater to the needs of our adopters.

Plugins Marketplace Image RearPortal

Ready To Dive In?

OSS Backstage

  1. Software Catalog
  2. Tech Docs
  3. Templating Engine
  4. Open Source Templates & Plugins

RearPortal Pro

  1. All Advantages of OSS Backstage.
  2. Custom Set up on your onprem or public/private cloud.
  3. Integration with the Identity Service of your Org.
  4. Integration with your Source Control & Versioning System.
  5. Using up to 3 RearPortal Plugins.
  6. Using 5 RearPortal Templates.
  7. Development of up to 5 additional custom Software Templates.
  8. Training

RearPortal Enterprise

  1. All Advantages of RearPortal Pro.
  2. Custom Plugin Development.
  3. Maintaining Backstage installation.
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