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Introduction: Many rapid technological developments are on track to revolutionize the fundamental essence of insurance. Risk in vehicle insurance will migrate away from drivers and toward the artificial intelligence (AI) and software that powers self-driving cars. Satellites, drones, and real-time

Introduction In our previous blogs, we have covered the basics of SQL(Structured Query language), DDL (Data Definition Language), and DML(Data Manipulation Language). And also discuss how to implement restrictions and modifications to the table structure. Link to part 1 of this series- https://statusneo.com/sql/ Link to

A brief history of Datadog Datadog is an infrastructure monitoring service that helps users or developers(especially DevOps) monitor the different services. It helps in monitoring the health of the infrastructure by providing the monitoring on the basis of the location, application,

What is Omnicloud? The most detested word in the tech lexicon for cloud vendors is easily by far "omnicloud". What is omnicloud? It is the hedging strategy of every sharp cloud user, it is the prenuptial contract for every user's cloud

What is Semantic Search? Semantic search is a searching method or technique.In this technique, not only the searched term but the texts or words having similar meanings are also searched.As the word semantic suggests- relating to meaning in language or logic.