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Apache OpenWhisk is an open-source, distributed serverless platform that executes functions f(x) in response to events at any scale. OpenWhisk manages the infrastructure, servers, and scaling using Docker containers so you can focus on building amazing and efficient applications.

The OpenWhisk platform supports a programming model in which developers write functional logic (called Actions), in any supported programming language, that can be dynamically scheduled and run in response to associated events (via Triggers) from external sources (Feeds) or from HTTP requests. The project includes a REST API-based Command Line Interface (CLI) along with another tooling to support packaging, catalog services, and many popular container deployment options.


  1. Deploys anywhere
  2. Write functions in any language
  3. Integrate easily with many popular services
  4. Combine your functions into rich compositions
  5. Scaling Per-Request & Optimal Utilization

AWS Lambdas VS OpenWhisk –

OpenWhisk is aimed primarily at serverless platforms that support the use case around running services, usually for a mobile or IoT backend. If the use case involves extending monitoring or reacting to events within the cloud provider’s infrastructure, then organizations with existing deployments on AWS and Azure will be best served by leveraging the serverless platform that co-exists on their cloud of choice.


  • https://openwhisk.apache.org/

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