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Key Difference :- NameAmazon Neptune  ArangoDB  Cassandra  Microsoft Azure Cosmos DB  Neo4j  DescriptionFast, reliable graph database built for the cloudNative multi-model DBMS for graph, document, key/value and search. All in one engine and accessible with one query language.Wide-column store based on ideas of BigTable and DynamoDB Globally

Extreme Gradient Boost is referred to as XGBoost. In contrast to Gradient Boost, XGBoost uses regularization parameters to prevent overfitting. In order to learn about XGBoost we first need to know about Gradient Boosting. Gradient Boosting One well-liked boosting approach is gradient boosting.

Introduction SSH stands for Secure Shell is a cryptographic network protocol for exchanging data over an unsecured network.SSH provides a secure channel over the unsecured network by using a client-server architecture.SSH connection for connecting remote machine looks like ssh {user}@{host}.After this,

Introduction Amazon ElastiCache allows you to seamlessly set up, run, and scale popular open-source compatible in-memory data stores in the cloud.Build data-intensive apps or boost the performance of your existing databases by retrieving data from high throughput and low latency in-memory