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StatusNeo is a Product and Platform engineering firm with expertise in D3 (Digital Full Stack, DevOps, Data engineering & AI). With the emergence of new technologies and changing consumer behaviour, it’s important to understand technical and business considerations deeply. We provide the expertise and solutions necessary for success in the fast-paced world of telecom, banking, retail, healthcare, automobile and many more.

We are experts in cloud-native digital solutions and services. We accelerate time to value for the world’s leading enterprises by leveraging best-fit technology and agility in our ways of working. We believe in consistency in quality, no compromise on doing things right, continuous innovation and five-star effort to the business with a mission to deliver tangible impact beyond the status quo.

Why Us?

Life @KSA

Experience the richness of life in Saudi Arabia with our company. Immerse yourself in the vibrant Saudi culture, where tradition meets modernity. Our workplace embraces the values of hospitality, respect, and collaboration, mirroring the warmth of Saudi hospitality. Discover a melting pot of diverse traditions, culinary delights, and cultural celebrations that make every day unique. The country’s commitment to innovation and progress is reflected in our dynamic work environment. From exploring historic sites to enjoying the bustling markets, Saudi Arabia offers a lifestyle beyond compare. Join us to be part of a global family, where cultural diversity is celebrated, and every day brings discoveries.

FAQ - Work Worldwide at StatusNeo KSA

Check our open positions and apply. Our Talent team will get in touch with you. Alternatively share your resume with [email protected]

We partner with a KSA-based payroll and visa facilitator to ensure your smooth transition to working with us in the Kingdom. This includes managing the IQAMA (work permit) process, with initial validity for one year and possibilities for renewal.

As part of our recruitment process, candidates undergo a thorough technical evaluation tailored to the role you’re applying for. Your recruiter will guide you through the specifics of this evaluation, ensuring you know what to expect and how to prepare.

The onboarding process begins with document submission and verification, followed by the issuance of an offer letter. Subsequently the very specific process around KSA Iqama will be initiated. Your local point of contact in your country will guide you step by step. Post-arrival in KSA, you’ll undergo a local government mandated medical examination, visa to IQAMA conversion, and other settling-in processes, supported by StatusNeo every step of the way.

While individual benefits are provided to consultants, we assist in obtaining family visas through our partners at your expense. Initial accommodation for the first 15 days is arranged by StatusNeo to help you settle in comfortably.

Your travel arrangements are managed by our travel desk, and a salary advance is offered to cover initial expenses. Additionally, transportation to and from the office is provided during your initial stay of 15 days.

You’ll undergo an induction program to familiarize yourself with our policies, structure, and operations. This includes sessions with HR, our executive leadership, and other key leaders, along with practical tools for attendance, timesheet management, and more.

Salaries are processed on the last working day of each month, with clear guidelines for attendance and leave policies. Payroll-related queries are addressed through our Payroll GCC team or HR support. You will be provided specific point of contact for all your needs.

Understanding and respecting local culture is essential. The dress code is formal and respectful of local customs, with specific guidelines provided for both male and female employees to ensure professionalism and cultural sensitivity.

StatusNeo fully covers all expenses related to your onboarding in KSA, including flight tickets. Our travel desk manages all bookings to ensure a smooth transition to your new role with us. You will be provided with a generous baggage allowance, and the bit fit airline tickets.

StatusNeo assists employees with the necessary formalities for exit and re-entry visas in KSA, ensuring compliance with local immigration laws. You can submit a request via email, after leave approval from your reporting manager. The visa will issued within 1 working day.

StatusNeo offers comprehensive insurance coverage for employees in KSA. This ensures peace of mind for you while you’re part of our team in the Kingdom, covering a range of medical services and emergencies. Your insurance will be issued to you once you complete the immigration process in KSA.

The usual timeline is between 2-3 weeks. In this duration you can continue to enjoy all benefits of being in the country using your visa along with your passport. Buying SIM Cards, finding accommodation etc.

The Saudi laws prohibit such direct deposits. You must open a local bank account in the bank of your choice once your Iqama card is issued. Your salary will be credited in this account, post which you are free to use it in compliance with international money transfer guidelines.