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Are these the top 10 technology trends of 2022?

As a tech-savvy, every year I look ahead at key tech trends that will shape the next few months. There are so many breakthroughs and innovations happening around the globe and I can’t wait to see how they will transform businesses and society in the upcoming few years.

Here is my list of key tech trends that will take our society to a next level:

  • Computing Power – This particular technology will continue to explode in 2022. Assuming microprocessor manufacturers continue to live up to Moore’s law. “The processing power of a computer should be double every two years.”. That would mean computers 100 years from now will be 1,125,899,906,842,624 faster than current models.

We are already rolling out the latest updates of better networks. As 5G continues to spread 6G is on the horizon. That means more power to our phones, tablets, laptops, etc. Apple with its unique processing system and unique chip has proved that it is still the king of microprocessors. Qualcomm’s Snapdragon latest processor called Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is still unable to beat Apple’s year-old A14 bionic chip. This shows how substantial growth of Computing Power.

  • Cyber Security – This particular technology is booming since its introduction to the market, still lots of companies, businesses are unaware of its importance. COVID 19 has forced organizations to push out technology as fast as possible but cyber threats are evolving at a greater pace. Gone are the days when hacking was just a hobby are something done for leisure. Nowadays there are organizations that offer “hacking as a service” with dedicated teams, quality hackers, rate cards, and even hotlines. Organizations can’t take shortcuts like “set it and forget it”.

There are even organizations that are paying a huge amount of salary for just monitoring the pre-existed network security.

  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA):-  In 2022, RPA will be more integrated with Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine learning (ML). The difference between RPA infused bots and digital workers like software will grow more alike. In the meantime, artificial Intelligence, technology that mimics human behavior will assist in its performance to solve more complicated tasks.

2022 could be a game-changer for RPA as it expands into new terrains and gains new capabilities. With RPA at its core Automation industry could solidify its core and become a must-have technology for enterprise-level organizations.

  • Datafication:- Adding one more year into its account. Data is a key enabler for these trends. All of this digitization means we have an enormous amount of data available around us, and data has now become the number one business asset for every company. One can study and research data to better understand its customers, know detail about every key trend. Simply put Datafication has revolutionized the world in a way we never imagined. In simple words, it can be referred to that daily interaction of living things can be rendered into a data format and can be put into physical use.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning: – Organizations and Scholars are using their knowledge, data to provide advanced AI capabilities to the world. These two technologies have transformed the world in a very short span of time. It has helped machines to mimic humans.  Language processing is also making progress this year, so machines can understand our voices, and speak back to us.

Low code or no code could also be a trendsetter this year wherein you can build artificial intelligence tools just by dragging or drop of blocks. I know this sounds like an uncanny idea, but it is possible. Previously nobody thought that a website could be built by drag and drop of blocks but WordPress proved everyone wrong and now more than 10 million websites are made on it.

  • Extended Reality: – We now have much more applications of Extended Reality in our daily life, especially through phones and Tablets and we are now seeing even a bigger push toward VR. In 2022 the major focus of enterprise organizations will be to make much lighter and more portable VR sets. There will be no need for bulky headgears and goggles. We will have devices that will be more like glasses that can be connected to our phones through Bluetooth and give us a superior VR experience on the go.

These Extended Realities pave the advanced way for Metaverse. Metaverse has taken the world by storm. Facebook has already announced $50M investment program to ensure that Metaverse is built responsibly. Scientists have predicted that Metaverse is an $800B market. Metaverse has completely changed the meaning of Virtual Reality (VR).

  • Digital Trust:- BlockChain technology is the foundation of Digital Trust. 2021 can be named as the year that pushed Digital Trust to a new level. And 2022 will be the year when this market will bloom. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), Distributed ledgers are transforming the world. These innovations go beyond bitcoin to smart contracts to let us verify the ownership with NFTs.
  • Quantum computing:- This Remarkable technology uses quantum phenomena like superposition, interference, and entanglement, to perform calculations. This technology has helped in the prevention of COVID -19, by developing potential vaccines, thanks to its ability to query, monitor, and analyze the problem regardless of source. Quantum computers are much faster than other supercomputers and brands like Splunk, Honeywell, Microsoft, etc. paving their way in building quantum computers. Another field where quantum computers have proved themselves is banking and finance, by managing credit risk and fraud detection. This market is expected to grow by $2.9B by end of 2022.
  • Genomics:- What if I say 2022 could be the year where we can modify crops, cure, eradicate disease, develop more effective Covid vaccine shots. The 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to two scientists, Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer A. Doudna, for their work developing a method for genome editing.  Genomics, gene editing, and synthetic biology are the top trend in 2022. In 2022 the mission of scientists is to plant crops that can withstand changes in nature. They aim to produce crops that can withstand the harshest weather yet yield productive fruit.

Nanotechnology will also allow us to give new attributes to materials by manipulating them on a subatomic level.  This will also help in enhancing and honing skills in gene editing.

  • Cloud-Native Platforms: – They are technologies that allow you to build application architectures that are resilient, agile, modernized, responsive, and elastic, enabling you to respond to digital change.

Cloud-native platforms aim to improve traditional lift and shift approaches to the cloud. In 2022 organizations will continue to evolve and focus on digital-led products. Cloud-native applications will help organizations get much valuable ROI and the flexibility they are looking for while creating the groundwork for a future-ready cloud platform.

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