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Salesforce Marketing Cloud – Digital Marketing Automation Software

What is Salesforce marketing Cloud?

Salesforce marketing cloud (SFMC) is a digital marketing cloud platform and decidedly, the most feature-rich product in its category that automates marketing across email, social media, app, websites. As such it is one of the most desired tool for the marketers who wants to achieve a great ROI by weaving their marketing strategies along the customer needs.

What It offers?

Salesforce marketing cloud allows marketers to send out the personalized messages through multiple channels, enables marketer to run multi-channel campaigns, perform campaign analytics and customer data management. Basically, it offers marketers a single platform to manage all their marketing tasks from lead engagement, campaign execution to tracking and performance analysis.

Usage of SFMC?

Now, we will look at the primary offering of salesforce marketing cloud to the sales and marketing teams:

1. Understanding the Customer: Understanding the customer is often considered the foundation to tailor the marketing strategy to target specific group of customer, improve the brand presence. Salesforce marketing cloud gets you covered by personalizing every customer interaction. It allows to automate the data inflow from various sources to build a profound, amalgamated customer data. Every Customer journey would become memorable experience with the brand.

2. Delivering Personalized Experiences: In the marketing world, Personalized experience makes a significant contribution to business profitability. It allows marketers to trigger the specific communication based on the customer action. This messaged can be tailored to the specific customer to guide them throughout on their path to purchase. This approach not only enables to record the customer behavior but also helps us to build a customized path.

3. Achieving Customer Satisfaction: Having an engaging content may not be quite enough to achieve desired results but timing plays a quite important role. Salesforce marketing cloud enables you to push out the communications at the specific time to the specific customer group.

4. Comprehending a customer: Marketing cloud enables you to collect and maintain data repository. A feature of the marketing cloud enables you to connect data with the various marketing processes and help in optimize them.

5. Effective Data management: By using specific functionalities of marketing cloud the journey phases of the customer can be determined. This reveals the customer interaction with each of the communication delivered. This helps us in delivering tailored communication timely besides offering service or support promptly. These measures help in building a brand value and creating a valued customer relationship.

6. Tremendous Integration Capabilities: Having the capabilities of REST, SOAP APIs and cloud connector functionalities, syncing the data across various platform to marketing cloud can be achieved. This leads to enhance the customer data in SFMC to enhance the functionality and value.

7. Artificial Intelligence Capability: Einstein for marketing cloud uses salesforce’s AI to help you best evaluate and implement marketing campaigns effectively. Einstein offers series of applications to deliver the right information at the right time to enhance the engagement frequency and ensuring the personalized experience.

8. Scale your Marketing operations as needed: As per your business needs, salesforce marketing cloud can help you scales your marketing cloud operations. You can also add new data channels, campaigns rather than re-building from the scratch.

Companies Using Salesforce marketing cloud:

As per the enlyft, there is a data of 15,401 companies that use salesforce.cm marketing cloud. The companies using salesforce marketing cloud are most often found in Information technology and service industry. Salesforce marketing cloud is most often used by companies with 1M-10M dollar in revenue.

It also says that looking at the salesforce marketing cloud customer by industry, we find that information technology and services (13%), Marketing and advertising (7%), Computer Software (6%), and Retail (5%) are the larger segments.


To conclude with, Salesforce marketing cloud comes with a plethora of features to enable the customers to adapt them on their specific needs to advance marketing campaigns and deliver moments of magic to each customer. It is helpful in supporting an enterprise data model and is a great help in training also. By treating every customer as a unique individual would help in gaining their trust and loyalty. Using marketing cloud could reduce marketing costs and increase customer value.

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