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Managing Director,
MENA (& Europe)

Shankar Garg is a highly accomplished Managing Director in the Technology Consulting industry, renowned for his results-driven leadership in Europe and the Middle East. With an unwavering passion for technology and a commitment to excellence, he excels in strategic initiatives, partnerships, and business growth. His expertise lies in strategic leadership, envisioning the industry's future, and executing growth strategies.
Shankar has a knack for spotting market opportunities, assessing risks, and staying ahead of industry trends. He is a business development expert, consistently expanding market share while cultivating strong client relationships. By deeply understanding client objectives, he delivers tailored solutions that drive revenue and client satisfaction.
Operational excellence is his forte. Shankar efficiently manages large-scale operations and cross-functional teams, optimizing processes and fostering innovation for seamless service delivery across diverse locations and cultures. Client relationship management is at the core of his approach. He builds trust and exceeds expectations through effective expectation management, issue resolution, and exceptional service.
As a collaborative leader, Shankar prioritizes team development, attracting top talent, and fostering a multicultural work environment through mentorship. Shankar's global expansion success comes from his ability to navigate regulations, business practices, and cultural nuances. He possesses deep industry knowledge in Technology Consulting, emerging technologies, and digital transformation. Staying updated on advancements, market dynamics, and competition, he drives innovation and maintains a competitive edge.
Beyond his professional achievements, Shankar is dedicated to making a positive impact. He actively engages in coaching, mentoring, and developing local youth and business professionals. He also contributes to non-profit organizations focused on improving the socioeconomics of developing countries, providing access to education, and mentoring at-risk youth.
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Throughout his leadership journey, Shankar has worked across diverse geographies and cultures, bringing a global perspective to his work. He has a rich history of living and working in various countries, enriching his understanding of international business dynamics.
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